Data + Maps = Decision Making Power

Wightman GIS

Imagine the value of dynamic data that guides money-saving preventative maintenance, informs capital investment planning, averts costly downtime stemming from equipment failure, and even saves lives during emergencies. These are a few of the benefits of partnering with the Wightman GIS team.

GIS, or geographic information system, brings data and maps together. Anything with fixed coordinates - buildings, mechanical systems, roads, water and sewer systems, utility networks, land improvements – can be managed with GIS. It creates a powerful decision-making tool useful for asset management, fiscal planning, economic development, and public safety pre-incident preparation.

Instead of referencing bulky rolled blueprints, keeping track of thick binders full of coffee-stained documents, or relying on information stored in people’s heads, GIS stores, manages, and makes valuable information instantly accessible to decision makers throughout your organization. 

We design your system using custom mapping, expert database design, and integration of your existing documents to automate data visually. We help you implement your GIS, train your staff, and provide on-going hosting and support to keep it running smoothly.

Our GIS specialties

GIS Planning & Application Development
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red box, white w+ GIS Planning & Application Development
Wightman GIS planning & application development
A geographic information system (GIS) captures, stores, analyzes, manages, and presents a variety of spatial and geographic data. It is a useful tool for visualizing trends, gaps, and opportunities that are important to decision makers during the planning process.
GIS-Based Asset Management
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Wightman GIS-Based Asset Management
The Wightman GIS team works hand-in-hand with engineers to develop solutions that assist communities engaged in an asset management program. These include ways to track preventative maintenance tasks, custom inspection forms, online mapping applications, and dashboards for high level system monitoring.
Utility Mapping/Custom Mapping
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Wightman GIS utility mapping custom mapping
General mapping of utilities such as sewer, storm, electrical, and water systems. Other infrastructures commonly gathered in conjunction may include but is not limited to street lights, sidewalks, signage, parks, and non-motorized trail systems. Once created, information related to condition, repair history, and maintenance can be applied to any point for reference, assisting in capital improvement planning.
Training, Ongoing Maintenance & Support
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Wightman GIS training, ongoing maintenance & support
Training is provided covering a variety of applications in the ArcGIS Suite as well as ArcGIS Online. Focused trainings aim at empowering you to update and manage the GIS within your organization. Custom support and maintenance packages offer you access to the most current data and the level of assistance you need when you need it.
Database Development & Management
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Wightman GIS database development & management
Custom database creation designed to consolidate, manage, and store data in one centralized space for easy access from anywhere. This includes document scanning and integration into GIS. Data can be made accessable via desktop, server, or mobile environments.