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Wightman ENERGY Expertise

As communities expand and technology advances, there is a growing demand for new and/or upgraded resources and infrastructure. At Wightman, we support the field and administrative needs of companies that provide and deliver required energy resources in the areas of land acquisition and easements, engineering planning and permitting, as well as compliance monitoring. One of our specialties is our work in the field of solar energy. 

Across all Wightman services, safety is of the highest concern, particularly when personnel are working within or projects are being planned in or around, high-risk areas. Wightman is ISNetworld certified for work in the energy sector, with our field personnel trained in OSHA and client-specific protocols.

Our surveyors, who are licensed in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Kentucky, and West Virginia, have the expertise to handle right-of-way corridor expansion projects and construction staking for new infrastructure (i.e. towers, transformers, pipelines, sewer and water lines, substations, telecommunications, private sector, etc.). We also provide right-of-way acquisition services through our partnerships with specialists in this field. For situations where access is limited or conditions are too dangerous to gather accurate measurements through use of traditional survey methodology, we offer high-definition laser scanning (HDLS) for safe and effective data collection.

Our engineering team work closely with clients to create site plans and obtain permits for construction of substations, transmission and distribution lines, as well as various pipelines (i.e. sewer, water, oil and gas, etc.). We are experts in developing Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP) and related permitting; filing and obtaining right-of-way permits; and helping clients navigate the regulatory processes that can be involved in these activities.

Clients can count on us for an array of inspection and testing services through our engineering services. These include, but are not limited to: concrete testing, soil compaction testing, asbestos and hazardous material surveys and erosion and sediment control inspections. Wightman also has extensive experience in developing and implementing overall environmental program management for energy projects, and can provide detailed mitigation plans or strategies related to invasive species or biosecurity issues, erosion and sediment control, training/orientation and access/stakeholder planning (amongst others).

Why Wightman for Energy?

What sets Wightman apart is that we take the time to understand our clients, your processes, and how your internal communication channels work. With this level of attention to client operations, we are able to facilitate, streamline, and expedite how the work gets done – making your job easier.

Wightman was ranked #80 in ENR Midwest's List of Top Design Firms for 2020!