Fundamental Beliefs That Guide How We do Business

Wightman Values

Fun & Happy

We enjoy what we do and the people with whom we work. While we never take our work lightly, we do believe there is always time for a smile, laughter, and joy along the way. So, don’t be surprised if you find a Nerf blaster in a desk drawer, catch us working together in the community garden during lunch, or see us giving one of our canine visitors a quick ear rub in the hallway. See what we mean by visiting

Creative & Innovative

Each client and each project has unique aspects that deserve to be addressed in creative and innovative ways. Our training, experience, and knowledge of industry best practices serve as the foundation for every plan. However, we always look at the situation with fresh eyes and an open mind to foster breakthrough thinking that delivers high-quality, practical, and reliable solutions aligned with your particular definition of success. Check out our creative and innovative side by visiting


Wightman collaborative workspaceWe love to dig into the challenges and opportunities our clients are facing. It’s why we walk through the door every day.  We are driven to use all the skills in our toolbox and continue to develop those skill sets as technology and innovation advance in the fields in which we work. In a collaborative, team-oriented work environment, we inspire and motivate each other on a daily basis as we drive toward achieving success for you. Take a peek at our passionate side by viewing

Accountable & Supportive 

We do what we say we will do. When we take on a project, we accept full ownership for our role in the process and provide open lines of communication to keep you informed. We are here to stand by your side as a trusted adviser and to make your job easier by applying our expertise to the matter at hand. Watch as we explain how we are accountable and supportive to each other, our clients, and our community.

Family-OrientedWightman Family Growlers outing

We are committed to positive relationships at home and at work. We promote a healthy work environment where respectful communication, finding value in others, and being present are priorities. For us to bring our best selves to each project, we understand that life needs to be in balance. That means being available to those who rely on us, including family members, co-workers, and clients.  See how we're one big family by checking out this video


The needs and success of our clients and our communities are our primary focus. Our work is not about awards and accolades for ourselves. Sure, we love celebrating success.  But, in the end, that success is defined by you. We always strive to deliver practical, solid solutions that directly address the challenges and opportunities you face.  We are proud of our service - see how we do it.