Rose Park Veterans Memorial

Located on the Kalamazoo River at the East Gateway to the City of Kalamazoo, Rose Park is a beautiful memorial dedicated to Veterans and has been a special community project for the Rotary Club of Kalamazoo-Sunrise since 1991. The park features flags and large granite memorials celebrating each military branch as well as over 5,000 commemorative paving bricks.

The bricks, which are available for purchase and can be inscribed with a Veteran’s name, branch, and unit, serve as the floor of the memorial. An antiquated system of brick identification and location allowed Wightman an opportunity to assist the Rotary. Our team utilized drone technology and high definition laser scanning to map the entire memorial site, develop a 3D model, and create an interactive database and online map by which park staff, Veterans’ families, and the public can search for a specific brick. Wightman was excited to be of service to our local heroes.

Honor a Veteran today by purchasing a brick.

“We are grateful to the partners in this project for making the vision for improvement a reality.”
Joanna I. Johnson
Rotary Club of Kalamazoo-Sunrise member and past president