University of Notre Dame-Notre Dame, Indiana

The Wightman Reality Capture team recently began doing work for the University of Notre Dame Facilities Services.

Notre Dame Snite Museum

The relationship began with a demo project which included high definition laser scanning and modeling of the Snite Museum of Art located in the heart of the campus of the University of Notre Dame. Opened in November 1980, The Snite Museum is a 70,000 square-foot three -story structure. Considered to be one of the finest university art museums in America, the Snite Museum's permanent collection contains over 25,000 works that represent many of the principal cultures and periods of world art history.


The demo was designed to acquaint the University with the technology and level of detail that could be achieved in a very short time frame and very reasonable cost. See the short video clip below to experience the results of the demo project.

Notre Dame Joyce Center

A second project that the Reality Capture Team engaged in is high definition laser scanning of the Joyce Center. The team scanned the interior open spaces of the “double domed” Joyce Center and provide an as built model of the scanned areas. The Joyce Center is host to both men’s and women’s basketball as well as volleyball and fencing. The over 500,000 square foot facility includes the Purcell Pavilion where games, concerts and events takes place. The structure covers 10 acres of ground in total. It took 70 scans to capture both domes of the Joyce Center. Various angles even included scans on the catwalk above the court. A model was then created using those scans to give an accurate 3D model of the interior of the Joyce Center.

Complimentary Services

“The field operations included obtaining high definition scans from multiple vantage points, including the elevated catwalk above the main basketball court, in order to obtain the level of detail Notre Dame needed for their Facilities Design and Operations department.”
Greg Vaughn
Senior Project Manager