Wightman-Allegan, Michigan

Wightman, a civil engineering, architectural, and survey firm, had outgrown a 2,400 square foot office space in downtown Allegan, Michigan. In order to better serve our customers and continue to expand our services, the Wightman team determined a new office building was necessary. After researching more than a dozen properties, we found our new home at 1670 Lincoln Road in Allegan. 

The existing 4,200 square foot commercial building needed a complete renovation, which was facilitated by Frederick Construction. Our own Architecture, Interior Design, Survey, Engineering, and Landscape Architecture teams worked closely with staff in Allegan to uncover the wants and needs of the new office.  Some of the program needs for the new office included an open workstation atmosphere where staff are clustered in pods of three or four, collaboration spaces, focus and small meeting rooms, and staff spaces like a larger breakroom and outdoor space. 

One of the design features of this building is the large, front conference room with a moveable glass partition that can be folded away to open the room up to the lobby for large gatherings. The program needs necessitated not only a full renovation of the existing building, but also a substantial addition on the south side of the building and an additional detached garage for Surveying equipment, maintenance, and storage. Our new space more than doubled in size, compared to the previous location, and provides both room for us to continue to grow and opportunity to serve our clients as trusted advisors.