Oakland Drive Improvements-Kalamazoo, Michigan

The City of Kalamazoo sought a partner to design and implement a revitalization of Oakland Drive, a populous traveling route. Wightman earned the opportunity to perform the improvements project work, which affected Oakland Drive from Parkview Avenue to Howard Street, a route 1.24-miles in length. 

Roadway reconstruction and rehabilitation, as well as replacement of the existing water main and portions of the existing storm sewer, afforded much needed infrastructure improvements above and below ground. Pedestrian signal upgrades at Winchell Avenue, installation of additional marked crosswalks at Clovelly Road and Chevy Chase Boulevard, and the creation of a pedestrian refuge island at the Maple Street intersection provided much needed safety improvements for pedestrians to utilize along the corridor. Additionally, all permanent signage and pavement markings were replaced with brand new, clear identifications. 

The Oakland Drive improvements projects not only revitalized portions of the City's aging essential infrastructure but highlighted and enhanced their growing multi-modal transportation focus by widening bike lanes and adding high visibility and protected pedestrian crosswalks. Now, vehicle travelers have smoother transportation routes, and pedestrians have safer crossings to traverse the busy roadway.

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