Winner of the Michigan Concrete Association's Michigan Awards of Excellence in the Structural - Transportation category

Halbert Road Culvert-Calhoun County, Michigan

The Calhoun County Road Department discovered that culverts north of the City of Battle Creek had reached the point of critical failure.  The CCRD determined that new culverts were essential to ensure the safety of travelers along the Halbert Road corridor. A fast and cost-effective resolution was imperative, as Halbert Road is a vital connector between the City and surrounding Bedford Township. 

Wightman was tasked with creating a solution that would not detrimentally affect the route and flow of the Waubason Creek and transform five existing culverts into one.  The team's solution was the use of a precast 20' x 5' curved concrete box culvert with wingwalls. The new culvert design allowed for bends in the creek and was an ideal solution for the project. 

Additionally, the team faced a challenge regarding the timing of the culvert installation. A work stoppage was required during the May 1 and June 30 time period to allow for critical spawning and migration periods in the creek. 

Other work performed onsite included new Hot Mix Asphalt pavement, installation of new guardrail, slope protection, and restoration. 

The attention-to-detail on this critical project resulted in positive state-wide recognition from the American Council of Engineering Companies of Michigan. Wightman was honored to receive a Merit Award; read more about the Halbert Road culvert project, as well as other successful projects in the Mitten State, in the ACEC_MI_2021 Excellence Awards Press Release.pdf.

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“My favorite aspect is the uniqueness of the project. It is one of the first of its kind, of its size, in the State of Michigan and I am proud to say I was part of it.”
Sam Leatch
Civil Engineer