D Drive North Culvert Replacement-Calhoun County, Michigan

Calhoun County Road Department (CCRD) oversees 1,300 miles of county transportation routes and 87 bridges and culverts across 718 square miles in central Michigan, southeast of Battle Creek. Responding to concerns of aging infrastructure, CCRD proactively searched for a civil engineering firm to assist in the replacement of three failing culverts on D Drive North over Harper Creek when the roadway began slowly collapsing.  To ensure the safety of travelers, the road was permanently closed while the crossing was redesigned and reconstructed. 

Wightman worked collaboratively with CCRD and subcontractors to replace two existing 48-inch reinforced concrete pipe culverts and one existing 72” x 45” corrugated metal arch culvert with one 29’ x 7’ skewed three-sided concrete box culvert with wingwalls. Work also included new footings, cofferdams, guardrail, slope protection and site restoration. Northern Concrete Pipe supplied the concrete box culvert, and Grand River Construction was the prime contractor responsible for its installation. 

Special challenges throughout the duration of the project included limited right-of-way and relocation of aerial electric power lines due to the close proximity near the work zone.

With the new culvert in place and road reconstruction complete, passersby can be assured of safe transit along D Drive North.  

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