Holland Lighthouse-Holland, Michigan

Pure Michigan! Pure sunset coast!

Big Red, the much loved and well photographed lighthouse in Holland, Michigan was erected in 1870. Originally, the wooden structure stood on a platform nestled into the shore of Lake Michigan. Eventually, the lighthouse transitioned into a steel tower, fog signal building, then a separate structure for a light signal to guide boat traffic. That separate structure became what is affectionately known in the area as "Big Red." 

The Wightman Reality Capture and Architecture teams were proud to partner with the Holland Harbor Lighthouse Commission, which was created in 1974 to protect the iconic building, to laser scan the interior and exterior of the structure.  Efforts to preserve and protect one of Holland's most visible treasures was not without its challenges. The pier and the adjacent water surf created challenges in establishing a level reference plane, as the structure is not level. However, the Wightman team was able to capture Big Red in all her glory and is hopeful that the imagery will lead to additional efforts to preserve and protect the lighthouse.  

Complimentary Services

“Our reality capture projects bring us to some pretty cool places. Being able to go to the lakeshore on a beautiful summer day and scan one of the most iconic lighthouses in Michigan was an amazing experience.”
Mike Moy
Reality Capture & BIM Production Technician