Hartford Township Hall-Hartford, Michigan

Hartford Township serves over 3,000 residents in rural Van Buren County, Michigan.  Government services - including elections, property tax payments, township meetings, and more - are provided to residents from the single-story, brick Hartford Township Hall. As township business and population increased, the hall was not able to adequately serve the people who visited or efficiently accommodate the employees who represented the township. 

Township officials called upon Wightman to conduct a feasibility study to determine the extent of needed renovations at their township hall. Wightman also provided a budget comparison for the alternative of building a new building. 

Wightman developed several options for officials to consider based on future growth, original building size, and preferred uses of space. Following discussions, the township elected to invest in an extensive renovation of the 3,000 square foot existing building.  The re-design included all new finishes throughout the building, bringing restrooms up to ADA standards, re-organization of the office functions and spaces, and a façade update that extended a porch element out for a covered entry. The new façade provides the township hall with a renewed sense of identity and marks it as an important municipal monument in the township.