Fire Department Asset Management Planning

Time is of the essence when a fire begins consuming a structure. The safety of all involved - from users of a building to first responders to firefighters - is of the utmost importance. Wightman's GIS team recognizes the noble work performed by fire departments and is working with them to create and maintain valuable pre-incident records.

Fire departments typically perform site visits and conduct meetings with local business owners and schools in their service area. The information gathered, such as a building's size, location of fire extinguishers, number of employees, number of exits, type of business conducted, and location of nearby fire hydrants, is used to create a pre-incident report that firefighters can utilize if they are toned out for an emergency at that site.

Using GIS technology and mapping, fire departments can reference interactive maps online that clearly identify a structure, its contents, emergency contact information, building access points, photos of the building, and the locations of any potential harmful barriers that may be encountered.

By having this knowledge, firefighters now have another lifesaving tool at their disposal.

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