Dunham Lift Station-St. Joseph, Michigan

The City of St. Joseph chose Wightman Engineering and Survey teams to relocate the Dunham Lift Station from a railroad right-of-way to a new location to better serve the needs of the City and its residents.

The placement of the lift station in its new location required the installation of new sanitary sewers due to the reversing of the flow direction to allow for a new discharge location. A portion of the existing sewer was utilized as a casing for the new force main in an effort to minimize environmental impact and reduce the overall cost of the project. The project also required bore and jack operations under Lakeshore Drive for both the water and sanitary sewer installations. The City also authorized the replacement and upgrade of undersized water main. 

The project was split into two phases to allow a major flow reduction on the existing station while easements were obtained for the new and additional sewer. 

Complimentary Services

“The biggest challenge of the project was overcoming the site constraints to meet the needs of the City and the residents. It was very fulfilling to work with the team to come up with the best solutions.”
Kevin Marks
Civil Engineering Manager