Chelsea Milling Company-Chelsea, Michigan

Chelsea Milling Company, also known as Jiffy Foods and makers of the Jiffy Mix brand of baking products, started a long-term expansion of its facilities in 2015.  With a milling history dating back to 1802, and this facility producing Jiffy brand products since 1930, there have been various expansions to the manufacturing facility over the years.  As expansion construction progressed, the realization that older design documents and processes were unreliable and causing costly errors led to the implementation of a 3D modeling process.

Chelsea Milling Company tasked Wightman with providing accurate and detailed reality capture services for the project. Targeted areas were selected for 3D laser scanning and conversion to a BIM model to use in future plant modifications. The benefit of this method was soon recognized and considerations to model the entire plant have been discussed and are being executed in phases. Additionally, Chelsea Milling has requested that Wightman document the new construction and integrate it into the growing 3D model of the facility.  The client is also looking into the use of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality to apply to various applications in the plant design as they recognize that updated and accurate documentation is very valuable in these situations.

For historical background on the plant and the importance of laser scanning, read how Jiffy keeps the muffin mix moving

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