Bacon School Road Park Nature Trail-Royalton Township, Michigan

A beautiful park for all seasons is located on Bacon School Road in Royalton Township. The Bacon School Road Park Nature Trail provides ¾ of a mile of accessible trails across this previously undeveloped property. The trails traverse wooded ravines, pass by a pond, cross over wetlands, and open into a prairie with wildflowers. The views are breathtaking, calming, and enjoyable. Picnic tables and benches are strategically place along the trail to encourage moments of rest, respite, and reflection. 

Royalton Township recognized that the parcel of land, in its natural state, could be improved to the benefit of all township residents and visitors. In 2017, the Township began updating their Parks and Recreation Plan with help from Wightman's Engineering and Landscape Architecture teams.  Park improvements were identified township-wide and a master plan for this plot of land was developed.  The Township then secured a $300,000 Land and Water Conservation grant through the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. Future plans include an improved pathway down the bluff to the St. Joseph River, complete with a scenic overlook.

Mary Nykamp, a civil engineering manager at Wightman, shared, "As someone who loves the outdoors, it has been a true pleasure to partner with Royalton Township to implement their vision for recreation projects in their community. I am so proud of the final product, as well as the expansion of recreational opportunities for the residents of Royalton Township and Southwest Michigan.”

For more information on Royalton Township parks, please visit their website.