Trinity Lutheran Early Childhood Center-St. Joseph, Michigan

The existing Early Childhood Center facility at Trinity Lutheran Church in St. Joseph, Michigan is a highly sought-out learning facility that upholds the highest standards in childcare.  Because of that, the committee at Trinity Lutheran was determined to provide a newly updated facility that was supportive of their high standards.  The existing facility lacked much needed acoustical separation, had security needs within the office space and location, and overall lacked a cohesiveness throughout all of the childcare rooms.

The team at Wightman worked with the committee to understand their wants and needs by implementing a visioning process.  From this process, the team gathered important information as well as an intended phased layout for the renovated design of the center. Phase I included renovating two preschool rooms as well as an infant space.  Phase 2 work included enhancements to three toddler spaces as well as relocating and updating the office space.  Interior finishes were selected to support cohesiveness but also provide a unique accent to each set of classrooms.  Floor finishes were selected to support the required need for balance between soft and wet spaces.  New casework as well as fixtures were planned to help support child heights and independence as well as the need for additional storage.  The Early Childhood space will work as a basis for future improvements at the Center and continue to support the overall cohesive look. 

Complimentary Services

“I enjoyed working on the Early Childhood Center at Trinity Lutheran because I got to see its effect in my own community; it showed me how a design can impact everyone from ages 0 to adult. Seeing a space from so many different perspectives is a tool I can utilize on future projects to make the spaces all about the people.”
Sara Kotanko
Interior Design Associate