Renaissance Athletic Club Spin Room Renovations, Benton Harbor, Michigan

The Renaissance Athletic Club (RAC) offers clients world-class physical fitness amenities at a welcoming facility, located in Benton Harbor, Michigan. The RAC offers both a holistic approach to physical fitness that includes rejuvenation of the body, mind, and spirit as well as classes that get your blood pumping, endorphins firing, and heart thumping. It’s the blending of both that lead the RAC to help clients achieve balance and harmony in their lives. It’s also what led staff to honor the memory of an employee who was tragically killed in a car accident.

The Jason Raynor Memorial Training Studio was created to celebrate the trainer instrumental in starting several programs at the RAC. To facilitate the new training studio, the RAC sought the expertise of Wightman’s interior design department.

Casey Bourdo, NCIDQ, led the team that created the new training space at the Club. The initial step in the process was to eliminate the dated risers in the outdated space with the goal of creating a more versatile training space for core, athletic, and row training. Careful consideration was given regarding floor type, machine placement, room flow, and visuals.

By complementing the club’s existing color scheme, the new training space offers a moody blue vibe that draws attention and allows for focus and calming. The dark flooring and graphic wallpaper along the main wall lend an aesthetic interest and variation to the room. New mirrors were installed at lower heights to allow for private training lessons at functional height. The new durable athletic flooring stands up well against heavy weights and machines.

The Jason Raynor Memorial Training Studio opened to rave reviews and bittersweet emotions as people picked up battling ropes, pulled down the lat bar, and began their journey to a healthier lifestyle.

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