Range Line Park-Berrien Township, Michigan

Berrien Township contacted Wightman to assist in preliminary park planning and cost estimating for proposed improvements at Range Line Park.  Wightman worked with the Southwest Michigan Planning Commission and the Township to submit a Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund through the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. Funding was approved, and the project was kicked off with a groundbreaking ceremony in May.  

The Range Line Park project will not only serve the planned expansion of the Indiana Michigan River Valley Trail, but will also continue to serve the citizens of Berrien Township and the surrounding communities. The park, which last saw major upgrades 40 years ago, will be improved with a new easily accessible playground, updated restroom and kitchenette in one of the existing picnic shelters, and an enhanced trail to a scenic overlook along Townsend Creek and Lake Chapin. 

Parkgoers excited for the opportunity to enjoy the upgrades will get their chance in a few short months, as the project is scheduled to be completed by end of summer.