Ivywood Classical Academy-Plymouth, Michigan

Ivywood Classical Academy (ICA) inspires wonder within its classrooms and hallways every day. It's more than their mission: it's a thought process and is supported by action district-wide, from educational planning periods to engaging with students to providing tools for students to learn, grow, and succeed. It's even part of the every day life of staff. It's this sense of wonder that guided school administrators and staff to dream big when it came to planning for a new educational facility. 

ICA selected Wightman to design and construct a new charter school building for students in seventh through tenth grades on a 22-acre parcel that is minutes from the school's existing facility. The site has been developed to include new landscaping, new utilities, and new stormwater treatment and detention area. The new 66,200-sf academic building will be host to 46 general purpose classrooms, six specialty classrooms, administration space, six outdoor courtyards and two outdoor classrooms, a 24,850-sf gymnasium and theater, and 9,150-sf cafeteria space. 

The new facility will engage kids on all levels - from exciting and transformational classroom learning to space for large group activities to gather, collaborate, and play. As the project continues to take shape, the new facility is scheduled to be open to students in the fall of 2024. A second phase is being planned and will expand the campus to support additional student learning. 

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