Four Winds Hotel and Casino-South Bend, Indiana

Wightman is a longtime partner of the Pokagon Gaming Authority and provided several unique services to the Four Winds South Bend Resort & Casino project.

Wightman offered surveying services throughout the project, beyond the typical topographical and staking service.  Advanced 3D scanning was used to monitor building movement (none was detected). Floor flatness checks were performed at every level immediately after concrete pouring was finished, saving valuable time when compared to traditional methods for floor checks that would require waiting several hours for the concrete to cure.  

Wightman’s civil engineering team worked closely with other design professionals to design everything from the building footprint and out.  Our materials testing team was responsible for conducting or supervising all “special inspections” required by the building code and project specifications, for all the critical materials such as the augur cast piles, soil backfill, concrete, structural steel, fire proofing, rebar, post tensioning tendons, and more. Fun fact #1: our construction inspection and materials testing teams tested over 550 sets of concrete cylinders! Most of our commercial projects - including road rehabilitations and building additions - test between 50-70 sets of cylinders per project. Fun fact #2: this project was recognized as the American Concrete Institute of Indiana's Project of the Year in early 2023! 

The Four Winds Casino & Resort offers several benefits to the South Bend area beyond simply providing accommodations for travelers; it plays a multifaceted role in supporting and enhancing the area in which it operates, contributing to economic development, cultural exchange, and overall well-being through job creation and tourism promotion, investment in infrastructure improvements, and fosters a sense of community. And there's no better bet than that.

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