Brandywine Community Schools Auxiliary Gym-Niles, Michigan

Brandywine Community Schools, a Michigan High School Athletic Association Division 3 school and member of the BCS league, has a long history of sporting success in the gym, on the field, and on the mats. To facilitate the growing student population and relieve the amount of usage the main high school gymnasium was witnessing, the school's administration and athletic department recognized the need for additional space - to host athletic contests, hold practices, and offer flexibility with community events.

Brandywine previously partnered with Wightman on facility maintenance projects and turned to the trusted advisors for their input regarding a solution to alleviate the burgeoning practice and game facilities on their campus. Wightman listened to the district's concerns, goals, and measures of success and suggested building an auxiliary gymnasium to not only solve the needs of practice and game space today but also with the ability to serve further growth down the road.

The design of a new 14,400-square-foot auxiliary space for the Bobcats included a full-size main court for competition, two cross courts that support practice and physical education classes,  a fitness room, new locker rooms, and restrooms. With flexibility and the future in mind, the facility was designed with an end wall that can be removed so the size of the multi-use space could be doubled should the district need to increase the gymnasium's footprint down the road. The new auxiliary gym accommodates up to three classes of physical education students at one time and up to 200 people, tables, and chairs for community events.

Wightman staff provided a full slate of services including architecture, planning, interior design, civil engineering, and surveying. Thoughtful design elements were woven into the project, from carrying maroon and gold, the Bobcats' school colors, to accent the project to the synthetic sports floor that is suitable for multiple uses.  The new auxiliary facility opened to rave reviews from school board members, administration staff, students, and citizens just in time for the start of the 2019-2020 school year. 

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“It's one thing to see plans on a page. It's just even better to see things completed.”
Karen Weimer
Brandywine Community Schools superintendent