Andrews University Campus Entrance-Berrien Springs, Michigan

Wightman was chosen as the lead consultant for the planning, design, and construction of the new entry road to Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Michigan. The entrance was planned to represent the character and University’s Mission “Seek Knowledge, Affirm Faith and Change the World." The limestone buttressed structures, arched sign, and wire frame globe reflect the architecture of the campus, Seventh Day Adventist Faith, and international aspect of the University. A roundabout was constructed at the end of the entrance to maintain the flow of traffic around campus while accentuating the intersection of the roads at the main quad and the newly constructed performing arts building.

Access was simplified and based on a comprehensive traffic study. Consolidating traffic will improve safety and provide a central point for visitors to obtain directions. The changes and access management practices were coordinated and permitted with the County Road Commission, Township and MDOT.

The University campus is an arboretum and the new entrance had to be designed to save as many mature trees as possible while maintaining the axial alignment with the main quad. A bike lane and walks were included to encourage non-motorized access. Landscaping, concrete paver accents, and reduced road widths were designed to give a traffic calming effect to increase safety and encourage taking in the scenic views. The newly landscaped areas were irrigated to maintain the vibrant plants and trees.