Leadership & People-Are you the Problem or Solution

Presentation | 02.16.2021

Wightman President Matt Davis presented Leadership & People to the MWEA Annual Conference in 2019.  A description of the presentation follows. 

What is your organizations leadership style? Control or Support Does your organization define the type of leadership it wants? What does Leadership look like in action and how can it impact your organization and people?

This session will share how:

  • Defining a purpose for an organization,
  • Knowing your team and caring about what they care about,
  • Utilizing people‚Äôs strengths and what they are passionate about,
  • Defining leadership characteristics and
  • creating a cohesive team drives an organization to success.

It will share how empowering multi-generations with leadership skills allow your organization to do more with less by creating an environment where staff are empowered to make the decisions necessary for your organization to thrive.

The discussion will share examples of how leadership of our 70-year old firm has evolved. The journey we have been on to prepare us for the future and the success we are enjoying from making these shifts in our culture.

It will touch on how creating an environment where Employee Leadership & Development aids with hiring and retaining the staff needed to succeed. It will help you understand:

  • How you select people with potential?
  • How you bring leadership out of people?
  • How you train for leadership?
  • What are some ways to help an employee develop into a leader?

Here is the presentation slides: