Laser Scanning Keeps the Muffin Mix Moving for “JIFFY” Mixes

Case Study | 10.21.2020

When Mabel White Holmes developed and introduced the first “JIFFY” prepared baking mix to homemakers in the spring of 1930 through the family business, Chelsea Milling Co. in Chelsea, MI, she couldn’t possibly have envisioned a time when a million and a half boxes of mix per day wouldn’t be enough to meet demand.

Today, “JIFFY” Mixes remains a family-owned company dedicated to serving the market with retail prepared baking mixes, institutional mixes and food service. The company takes pride in its rich history while continuing to embrace innovation. From its early beginnings as a flour mill in the late 1800s, to its first foray into packaging and package manufacturing in the 1930s using pneumatic machines to produce its signature little blue box, and on into more recent modernization projects, “JIFFY” Mixes has held a long-term view committed to manufacturing excellence, employee well-being and sustainable growth.

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