Wightman Wins Michigan Chapter of ASLA Merit Award

Wightman received a Michigan Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects Merit Award for its work involving the transformation of downtown Sturgis.

Inquire Partners, the City of Sturgis, and Wightman worked together to develop a multi-block area of downtown Sturgis at the intersection of US-12 and M-66.  Following the development of conceptual designs, improvements to the area included water main, sanitary, and storm sewer replacement; road reconstruction; streetscape around a new building; and installation of new street lighting and outdoor art elements. The work was performed concurrently with a City electrical department project that involved relocating all electric distribution underground.

The completed design took a brownfield site and transformed it into “Moso Village,” a building that contains 19,000 square feet of commercial space and 12 modern residential apartments that seamlessly integrate into the downtown area.  The landscape surrounding Moso Village was transformed into a new pedestrian friendly streetscape filled with colorful elements, native plants, and relaxing outdoor seating.

Wightman Landscape Architect Ben Baker shared, “This project not only provides fun spaces for the people using the building but is the catalyst to transform an entire district of the City. This was a true partnership between the owner, the City, and the design team.”

Moso is a type of bamboo and this design element was utilized throughout the project. Design elements inside the building, like canopies and furnishings, as well as those used outdoors in bike racks, streetlights, and plantings.

The Merit Award marks the first MiASLA honor received by Wightman’s Landscape Architecture department.

Wightman MiASLA Award - (l to r) Michael Hughes, Sturgis City Manager; George Kacan, Wightman Regional Director; Jeremy Gump, President of Inquire Partners; Paul Schram, Wightman Civil Engineer; Barry Box, Sturgis City Engineer; Laura Fredrickson, Wightman Landscape Architect; and Ben Baker, Wightman Landscape Architect accept a Merit Award for the Moso Village project that transformed downtown Sturgis.