City of Dowagiac Completes SAW grant

The city of Dowagiac is now looking at next steps, following an analysis of the water and sewer systems and creation of a capital improvement plan.

The Dowagiac City Council approved a resolution to submit to the state the Department of Environmental Quality Stormwater, Asset Management and Wastewater (SAW) Grant Wastewater Asset Management Plan Certification of Project Completeness. The resolution signifies that the city has completed the SAW grant given by the state to assess the city’s water and sewer systems and has created a capital improvement plan for those systems.

“This is a very expansive project that we have been through,” said City Manager Kevin Anderson. “We have looked at every manhole, we have looked at every line. … It’s just been very well documented the condition of each and every manhole, the condition of every pipe, the condition of the equipment at our wastewater treatment plant.”

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