Benton Township exploring grant for River Park

Benton Township is seeking a state SPARK grant to help improve River Park. Speaking to township trustees this week was Matt Davis from Wightman. He said SPARK grants are not matching grants and there will be three rounds of funding. Benton Township is well poised to qualify for rounds two and three.

“Their priority was really twofold,” Davis said. “One, to prioritize funding to those communities that need to improve their existing park facilities, whether it’s deferred maintenance or things like that. And then the second is to create opportunities, new opportunities in those parks for people to enjoy. And so we think this really fits well with the township.”

Davis said the township will have to put together a list of priorities for the park. Plans could include improvements to the pavilion or a new pavilion, improved pedestrian access to the water, restroom work, or a fishing platform. Trustees moved to move forward with the Wightman plan to apply for a grant. The deadline to apply is June 26.