Putting People First 

Wightman's COVID Response

This is Wightman’s COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Plan. 

The guiding principles for Wightman’s Return to Office Plan are as follows: 

  • Use common sense and respect the varying risks and opinions others may have on this topic.
  • Adhere to State and Federal Requirements.
  • Adopt additional practices to balance the safety, inconvenience, cost, and potential impact to our business in the event employees or visitors are infected
  • Provide accommodations for those who are not able or do not feel safe returning to work in the office.

This plan will be updated as more information is provided by the regulatory bodies and we understand the impact the plan is having on us.  Our goal is to minimize the collective impacts on you, your family, our clients, the business, and our community; understanding that the impact to some is the inconvenience of the policies and for others is the impact of the infection of a high risk family member. As a company, we must respect these widely varying risks and perspectives.

Return to Office Procedure 06.05.2020.pdf

Key Links to State and Federal Requirements

CDC guidance  

OSHA guidance 

The most recent Michigan Orders from the Governor's Office

MDHHS Epidemic Orders

Visitor Policy

Please note Wightman is keeping our offices closed to the public. Visitors who will be entering our offices must be there for work-related reasons, complete our Pre-Screening Form, have a scheduled meeting time.  

Field Protocol

A number of Wightman projects include field work for our clients. Therefore, a Field Protocol (PDF) was established on May 5, 2020. Wightman staff has been trained and is operating under these protocol standards. 

Pre-Screening Tools

Wightman staff are required to complete a pre-screening form if working outside the home. 

Visitors to Wightman offices are required to complete a visitor form upon arrival or prior to arriving at the location for a scheduled session.

Value Added Services for Our Clients and Friends

You know Wightman for our main services of Architecture, Engineering, Environmental and Surveying….but did you know that we have specialty services such as GIS that may be of help to you as you develop your return to work plan post the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Employee Health Screening Tool

For example, Wightman can design an Employee Health Screening Tool and Visitor Screening Tool for your business. 

  • Wightman takes the health and safety of our workers seriously, that is why we are releasing a smart form to quickly and accurately gather the health of our team members.
  • We are now helping our clients develop a similar tool for their businesses. 
  • The form utilizes Esri’s Survey123 powerful smart-form capabilities in order to notify managers if any of their employees have completed a form.
  • Logic-based functionality enables the form to notify users if they should, or should not, return to work.
  • These forms allow a great deal of flexibility and can be fitted to meet your organization's needs.

Other GIS Services for Returning to Work

  • Space analysis and planning
  • Mapping floor plans
  • Business continuity support - Personnel status forms and dashboard 
  • A COVID-19 data dashboard 

Interior Design Services 

At Wightman, we are all about people. As we look ahead towards reopening offices and businesses, we are here to assist you in making sure your offices are taking preventative measures to protect the public and your staff. Please reach out to us for guidance or assistance, we are available to help in many ways.

Our Interior Design Team can evaluate your current situation and suggest ways to reconfigure your spaces, allowing for more social distancing and preventative measures including recommendations such as:

  • Office and workspace modifications that support best practice recommendations
  • Evaluation of existing floor plan conditions, providing suggestions that support:
    • Maintaining social distancing
    • Providing appropriate barriers, such as panels or screens, to help slow the spread
    • Reconfiguring high density and shared spaces to limit physical interaction
  • Furniture arrangements and finish suggestions that help promote a healthy environment

As we navigate through these uncertainties, most importantly, we want you and your staff to return to a setting where they are safe.

Contact us and we can help you develop an easy solution for your company.