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South County Sewer and Water Authority

Project and Website Overview 


Project Need, Narrative and Details

The primary need to be addressed by this project is the lack of reliable and economical public wastewater collection services available to the South County area which is currently served by onsite septic systems.  In addition, providing wastewater treatment services to the existing sewered areas owned by the South County Sewer and Water Authority (Authority) will be accomplished.  The un-sewered areas contain many small lots with inadequate area for proper onsite treatment.  The lake areas have both small lots and high groundwater making onsite treatment even more difficult.

Proposed Service Areas


Maps and Cost Estimates


Public Engagement Information


General Information

Low Income Assistance (PDF)

Kalamazoo County Sanitary Code (PDF)

Letter of Support from Health Dept (PDF)

Statewide Septic Code Whitepaper (PDF)

Proposed Senate Bill Based on Septic Whitepaper (PDF)

2000 SCSWA Use Rate Ordinance (PDF)

2003 July, SCSWA Ordinance Amendment (PDF) 

Questions & Answers

  • General
  • Lakes & Sewers
  • Wightman & Associates, Inc. Lake Sewer Experience (PDF)
  • Septic tanks aren't keeping poo out of rivers and lakes _ MSUToday _ Michigan State University (PDF)

Contact Information

Questions or concerns can be addressed to any of the following via email or phone:

Alan Smaka, P.E.
Email Alan
Office: 269.327.3532
Direct: 269.200.4240