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Red Arrow Highway Union Pier Corridor Improvements Project

Project Updates

Most recent project updates to be added here including dates and times of upcoming sessions, etc.  

Current status: Wightman has submitted 30% plans to the Berrien County Road Department. (08.29.2019)


The Berrien County Road Department has worked closely with New Buffalo Township and Chikaming Township to develop visioning plans for this project. They will continue to work together during design and construction to ensure the project is a success for all involved. Following is a brief project overview.

Project limits

  •  Red Arrow Highway from Community Hall Road to Berrien Street
  • Union Pier Road/Town Line Ave approximately 350 feet west of intersection

Roadway features

  • Reconstruction and streetscaping at the intersection with Union Pier Rd/Townline Rd
  • Mill and Resurface from Community Hall Road to Union Pier Self Storage and from Goodwin to Berrien Street
  • A three lane section, including a dedicated center left turn lane for business access

Pedestrian features

  • Sidewalk for pedestrian access at and around the intersection of Red Arrow Hwy and Union Pier Rd
  • An activated pedestrian crossing system for East-West crossing of Red Arrow Hwy
  • A 10 foot wide non-motorized path extending from Community Hall Road to Berrien Street

Additional features

  • A new public restroom facility
  • Improved stormwater infrastructure in the intersection
  • Additional parking areas for access to shops and restaurants

Below is a rendering of concepts developed by Antero Group. 


The primary need to be addressed by this project is improving safety along this section of the Red Arrow Highway corridor for both vehicular and pedestrian traffic. With many popular restaurants, cafes, and shops along the corridor, the project will provide a safe, walkable space to access and enjoy the vibrant local community. The corridor has been reimagined to include sidewalk, a non-motorized path, and various other streetscape elements at the intersection of Red Arrow Highway and Union Pier Road. In addition, Red Arrow Highway from Community Hall Road to Berrien Street will be converted from a four lane to a three lane section with a dedicated center left turn lane.

business owner information

Business owner meetings will be held in mid-September to discuss access points.


A public meeting will be held upon design completion for information regarding the project.


30% Plan Completion                                                August 29, 2019

Business owner access meetings                             September 2019

60% Plan Completion                                                October 11, 2019

Business owner access review                                  November 2019

90% Plan Completion                                                December 6, 2019

Submittal to MDOT                                                    January 17, 2020

Final Plan Submission to MDOT                              March 27, 2020

MDOT Letting Date                                                    June 5, 2020

Construction Start Date                                            June 2020

Construction Completion                                         Fall 2021


Questions or concerns can be addressed to any of the following via email or phone:

Melanie Stanage, P.E. Wightman
Email Melanie
Office: 269.927.0010
Direct: 269.487.9778

Kevin Stack, P.E. Berrien County Road Dept
Email Kevin
Office: (269) 925-1196 Ext: 4421