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Entry Level Land Surveyor

Location: All (Allegan, Benton Harbor & Portage)


Make exact measurements and determine property boundaries.  Provide data relevant to the shape, contour, location, elevation and/or dimension of land or land features.  Surveyors work closely with other professionals in Wightman’s Architectural and Engineering departments.

Essential Functions

  • Prepare and maintain sketches, maps, reports and legal descriptions of surveys in order to describe, certify and assume liability for work performed
  • Verify the accuracy of survey data, including measurements and calculations conducted at survey sites
  • Direct or conduct surveys in order to establish legal boundaries for properties, based on legal deeds and titles
  • Record results of surveys including the shape, contour, location, elevation and dimensions of land or land features
  • Calculate heights depths, relative positions, property lines and other characteristics of terrain
  • Prepare or supervise preparation of all data, charts, plots, maps, records and documents related to surveys
  • Write descriptions of property boundaries for use in deeds or other legal documents
  • Search legal records, survey records, and land titles in order to obtain information about property boundaries in areas to be surveyed
  • Adjust and service surveying equipment to ensure accuracy
  • Analyze survey objectives and specifications in order to prepare survey proposals or to direct others in survey proposal preparation

Required Skills & Behaviors

  • Proficient in Auto CAD (Carlson), Civil 3D, and Microsoft Office
  • Structural/Architectural drafting and detailing
  • Good communication and writing skills
  • Highly motivated and team oriented

Organizational Relationships

  • Reports directly to Surveying Manager or Director

Required Education/Experience

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Surveying
  • On track towards professional licensure

Preferred Education/Experience

  • Professional license already obtained


  • 10-25% local travel

Survey Crew Chief

Location: Portage 


The position of Survey Crew Chief will either be the lead person responsible for a 2-3 person crew or be the sole member of a one person survey unit.  A survey crew chief will be responsible for efficiently completing the field work portion of survey projects.  Responsibilities will include all aspects of Boundary surveying, Topographical surveying, construction layout, and other miscellaneous survey related tasks.

Essential Functions:

  • Manage field crew members
  • Interact and work with survey office staff
  • Efficiently operate technical survey equipment and surveying related software
  • Perform survey calculations necessary for field work
  • Ability to perform construction staking
  • Interaction with clients and general public
  • Prepare and edit surveying notes and reports

Required Skills & Behaviors:

  • Consistently exercises discretion and judgment in all work tasks
  • Ability to plan, schedule work and complete work assignments within established budgets and timelines
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Capable of working with a multidisciplinary team of planners, engineers, surveyors, architects and technicians
  • Broad knowledge of surveying equipment including Trimble products
  • Basic knowledge of office computer
  • Skilled in construction staking
  • Experienced with multiple types of surveying projects
  • Knowledge of surveying principles
  • Ability to work independently
  • Enjoy and thrive in an outdoor work environment year round

Physical Requirements:

  • Must be able to walk on uneven, slippery and snow covered ground
  • Must be able to bend, lift and carry up to 50 pounds
  • Must be able to effectively use shovel, hammer and machete

Organizational Relationships:

  • Matrix reporting to Director of Surveying / Regional Director
  • Responsibility for survey crew staff

Required Education/Experience:

  • Minimum of 1 year experience as Survey Crew Chief or extensive experience working on a survey crew with the desire to move into a crew chief role
  • High school diploma
  • Valid Driver’s license

Travel:   Local travel as required, Possibility of regional travel on a weekly basis

To apply, please send your resume here. 

Architectural Project Coordinator

Location: Southwestern Michigan 

Wightman is looking to add to its growing architectural practice in Southwestern Michigan. Ideal candidates should desire responsibility for project production as a part of multidisciplinary teams developing municipal, commercial, educational and residential projects. The role will require the candidate to work closely with other Wightman professionals to create safe, sustainable, and enriching spaces. Wightman offers outstanding opportunities for professional development, overtime, and a very strong profit sharing incentive program.
Essential Functions
  • Prepare information regarding design, specifications, materials, color, equipment, estimated costs, and construction schedules.
  • Consult with client to determine functional and spatial requirements
  • Coordinate activities of coworkers in preparing drawings and specification documents
  • Organize layout of project
  • Produce contract documents for permitting, bidding and building contractors
  • Coordinate engineering elements into unified design
  • Conduct periodic on-site observation of work during construction to monitor compliance with plans including administration of construction contracts.
  • Represent interest of client in obtaining bids and awarding construction contracts
  • Prepare operating and maintenance manuals, studies, and reports
Required Skills & Behaviors
  • Highly skilled in AutoCAD & Revit
  • Strong project coordination, communication & organization skills
  • Strong graphic presentation skills
  • Proficient in Adobe Suites & Microsoft office
  • Proficient in Sketchup
Organizational Relationships
  • Reports to Project Architects and Project Managers on projects assigned through the Architecture Studio Manager

Required Education/Experience
  • 5+ years of experience in architectural production and drafting
  • 3 – 5 years of architectural project coordination experience
  • Associates Degree in Architectural Technology/Design or equivalent is a minimum educational requirement
Preferred Education/Experience
  • Bachelor of Architecture Professional Degree or Masters
  • Licensed Architect or on track for licensure in the State of Michigan
  • Experience in sustainable design/LEED
  • 10-25% local travel
To apply, please send your resume here. 

Water and Wastewater Process Manager

Location:  Allegan, Benton Harbor or Portage/Kalamazoo

The Water and Wastewater Process Manager is responsible for the development and management of the water and wastewater process work in the engineering department.  The manager assists in planning, business development and manpower coordination. A successful candidate works with the continuously expanding team of professionals providing services to our client base.
Essential Functions:
  • Analyze current state of water and wastewater work and develop strategy to increase efficiency and revenue
  • Manage and mentor staff including assignments of projects and priorities
  • Maintain and foster good relationships with current and potential clients
  • Owns business development efforts for the water and wastewater markets including Benton Harbor, Kalamazoo, and Allegan/Grand Rapids
  • Monitor performance and direct necessary corrective actions on each project from the standpoint of client satisfaction, profitability and timeliness
  • Project management of selected projects including budgeting, scheduling, client contact and technical control
  • Manages treatment plant evaluation and process optimization
  • Oversee all outgoing technical reports or studies related to wastewater process systems and rehabilitation, replacement and additions
  • Oversee all outgoing plans, specifications and construction documents for water and wastewater process projects
  • Responsible for assisting with proposals for water and wastewater process design and study projects, identifying individual project needs, developing project management plans, and completing tasks within budget and time

Required Skills & Behaviors:

  • Experience with Microsoft suite of products (Word, Excel, Access)
  • Demonstrated experience to develop new revenue for a firm
  • Experience in construction project management including change order requests, familiarity with construction specifications and contractor scheduling
  • Ability to work with multiple clients, contractors and subcontractors
  • Ability to work on deliverables requiring long-range planning and short timespan turnarounds
  • Team-based mentality and ability to mentor staff
Organizational Relationships:
  • Reporting to Director of Engineering / Regional Director
  • Team-based work requiring collaboration between co-workers

Required Education/Experience:

  •  B.S. Civil or Environmental Engineering, Construction Management, or Equivalent experience
  • 10+ years’ experience 
Preferred Education/Experience:
  • General knowledge of multidisciplinary projects
  • Experience working with municipal/public works staff
  • Experience conducting public informational and engagement meetings
  • Experience in planning, design and evaluation of water and wastewater projects including but not limited to separate and combined sewer collection systems, lift stations, treatment plants, water distribution systems, and pump stations
  • Familiarity/experience with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) a plus
  • Experience with field procedures and techniques for civil engineering or utility construction projects
  • Experience with State and Federal permitting agencies and funding programs
Travel:  10% to 20% local travel
 To apply, please send your resume here.

GIS Technician

Location: All (Allegan, Benton Harbor & Portage/Kalamazoo)

Wightman is a growing and dynamic Engineering, Architecture and Survey firm with 3 locations in Southwest Michigan. Our team of problem solvers excel at complex projects and solving challenges for our clients. GIS Technicians are responsible for developing, maintaining, and enhancing GIS.  As a GIS Technician at Wightman, you will work as a team to create high quality GIS products and services while continually innovating and exploring new areas of growth.  
Essential Functions:
  • Capture GIS data using different methods including GPS
  • Digitize utility systems in GIS from engineering plans and GPS data
  • Scanning engineering plans and other documents and incorporating them into GIS
  • Download, convert and upload GIS data available from internal and external sources
  • Perform GIS data quality control, including reviewing data for completeness and accuracy; identifying and correcting errors or omissions in the data
  • Catalog and inventory GIS data, including metadata creation
  • Research emerging technology and techniques
  • Input, update, and maintain GIS databases
  • Create map layouts, and generate quality maps and reports
Required Skills & Behaviors:
  • Working knowledge of ArcGIS 10.x suite of products
  • Working knowledge of editing and digitizing GIS data in ArcGIS
  • Beginning knowledge of cartographic principals, practices and techniques
  • Experience with Microsoft suite of products (Word, Excel, Access)
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Strong communication skills
  • Self-motivated
  • Creative problem-solving skills
  • Ability to focus on repetitive tasks for an extended period of time
  • Team-based mentality
  • Willingness to work outdoors in unpredictable conditions
Organizational Relationships:
  • Reporting to GIS Manager
  • Team based work requiring collaboration between co-workers

Required Education/Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Geography, GIS, CIS or a related field
  • At least 6 months of experience working in GIS-related field, outside of course work
 Preferred Education/Experience:
  • Minor or emphasis in CIS, Computer Science, or IT
  • Familiarity identifying elements of engineering drawings
  • Knowledge of CAD
Travel:            Local/Regional travel as required.

To apply, please send your resume here. 

Field Service Technician

Location: Kalamazoo 


Field Service Technicians oversee building of highways, bridges, utilities, and other infrastructure for municipal, commercial, industrial, residential, and land development projects.
Essential Functions:
  • Calculate dimensions, square footage, profile and component specifications, and material quantities using a calculator or computer
  • Draft detailed dimensional drawings and design layouts for projects and to ensure conformance to specifications
  • Analyze proposed site factors and design maps, graphs, tracings, and diagrams to illustrate findings
  • Read and review project plans and specifications to determine dimensions of structure or system and material requirements
  • Prepare reports and document project activities and data
  • Confer with project supervisor(s) to determine project details, such as plan preparation, acceptance testing, and evaluation of field conditions
  • Inspect project site and evaluate contractor work to ensure conformance to design specifications and applicable codes
  • Plan and conduct field surveys to locate new sites and analyze details of project sites
  • Conduct materials testing and analysis using tools and equipment and applying engineering knowledge
  • Perform manual labor such as bending, digging with a hand shovel, cutting brush for lines, carrying equipment, stakes, rebar and other items that may be heavy (between 5 and up to 50 lbs.) daily
Required Skills & Behaviors:
  • Ability to plan, schedule work and complete work assignments within established budgets and timelines
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Broad computer knowledge in particular Microsoft Office products
  • Customer service oriented
Required Education/Experience:
  • Varies by level.  See Chart
Preferred Education:
  • Associates or Bachelors Degree preferred
  • Daily local (+/- 50 miles) travel to job sites, occasional regional (>75 miles) travel
Field Service Technician 1-3
Level 1 2 3
Experience 0-4 Years 3+ Years 8+ Years
Degree A high school diploma or its equivalent A high school diploma or its equivalent A high school diploma or its equivalent
Knowledge Commonly-used concepts Standard concepts Familiar with a variety of concepts
Supervision Immediate General May lead and direct work of others
Independent Judgment Not typically required A certain degree of creativity and latitude required A wide degree of latitude and creativity is expected
Relies on Instructions & pre-established guide-lines Limited Experience and judgment Experience and judgment
Certifications None Nuclear Density, ACI Concrete MCA Level 1 & 2, MDOT Density Tech, MDOT HMA Lab Tech Level 1, MI Aggregate Sampling, MI Aggregate Level 1, MDOT Paving Operations, SESC, CSWO, MDOT Bridge Construction, MI Bit QA/QC
To apply, please submit your resume here.  

Kalamazoo Regional Manager, Architecture

We are seeking a leader for our regional architectural studio which is moving to a newly renovated office in the Northside neighborhood of Kalamazoo. It is a challenging opportunity for an architect looking for the next big step in his or her career. Candidates must have excellent business development skills and a passion for mentoring a design team dedicated to producing exemplary work. This opportunity builds on Wightman’s strategic commitment to growth and the development of the Kalamazoo region.
The Regional Manager for Architecture is responsible for developing and managing the work and budgets of the department’s Architects, Interior Designers, Planners and Production Staff. The Regional Manager for Architecture often serves as the Project Manager for medium to large architectural projects. The Regional Manager for Architecture works closely with other Wightman professionals to create outstanding design projects which are safe, sustainable, and enriching places.
Essential Functions
  • Owns business development efforts for architecture in the Kalamazoo market
  • Maintain and foster good relationships with current and potential clients
  • Analyze current state of architecture work and develop strategy to increase efficiency and revenue
  • Manage and mentor licensed and unlicensed staff including assignments of projects and priorities
  • Monitor performance and direct necessary corrective actions on each project from the standpoint of client satisfaction, profitability and timeliness
  • Managing the scope, planning, design, execution, monitoring and closure of architectural projects
  • Preparing and managing department and project budgets and schedules
  • Monitoring and reporting progress toward project completion
  • Establishing department policies, procedures and standards
  • Meeting regularly with other department leaders
Required Skills & Behaviors
  • Excellent communication, organization and writing skills
  • Demonstrated experience to develop new clients for a firm
  • Strong office management and project management experience
  • Ability to work with multiple clients, contractors and subcontractors
  • Team-based mentality and ability to mentor staff
Organizational Relationships
  • Reports directly to Director of Architecture
Required Education/Experience
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture
  • Professional licensure required
Preferred Education/Experience
  • Experience in sustainable design/LEED
  • Certification in project management
  • 10-25% local travel
To apply, please send resume here. 

Survey Support Staff

Location:  Benton Harbor 


The Survey Department staff person is responsible for providing a wide variety of administrative support for the Benton Harbor Survey team at Wightman to ensure efficient operation of the department. Responsible for providing support to the team members through a variety of tasks related to organization, communication, and production; including but not limited to drafting, research, proposal writing/editing, phone calls, and filing.
Essential Functions:
  • Answer and direct incoming survey phone calls from current and potential clients
  • Produce and distribute correspondence, memos, letters, meeting minutes and forms
  • Assist in the preparation of reports and proposals
  • Develop and maintain archive system
  • Prepare legal descriptions and simple CAD drawings
  • Preparing spreadsheets
  • Provide general support to survey staff
Required Skills & Behaviors:
  • Excellent verbal communication skills
  • Proven administrative experience
  • Knowledge of office management systems and procedures
  • Excellent time management skills and ability to multi-task and prioritize work
  • Attention to detail and problem solving skills
  • Excellent written communication skills
  • Strong organizational and planning skills
  • Proficiency in MS Office
Organizational Relationships:
  • Reporting to the Survey Manager
Required Education/Experience:
  • High School diploma or its equivalent
  • 2+ years of general office experience
Preferred Education/Experience:
  • 2+ years of experience with a Surveying, or Engineering Firm
  • Familiar with AutoCad
 To apply, please send your resume here.